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Leica PowerBox GNSS Receivers usher in a new dimension in performance and versatility for your construction site.

Leica PowerBox is designed to exceed the needs of the toughest machine control applications. Vibration, dirt, dust, rain or snow can not stop the PowerBox providing high accuracy uninterrupted data. Combine Leica PowerBox with Leica PowerAntenna for a unique dual GNSS control solution for use on excavators. Use the same components for all off-machine applications, such as base station, pole or site supervisor vehicle solutions. Leica PowerBox is a scalable position system, that can grow with your need. GLONASS, Networking, update rate and base station use, can all be configured to provide a tailored solution for your needs. - Scalable GNSS Receiver – various upgrade possibilities (pay for what you need) - Versatile System - Single Position - Dual Position upgradeable by adding a SmartAntenna - Dual Position by adding second PowerBox for Heading in extremely harsh environment - Automatic recognition of single or dual antenna On-machine GNSS Positioning for all conditions and machines - Off-machine GNSS receiver as Site Base Station or site supervisor's vehicle - Latest Leica Geosystems Technology – High Performance -> high reliability -> higher productivity

GLONASS enabled for better Satellite coverage
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