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Whether you monitor the movement of a volcanic slope, the structure of a long bridge or track the settlement of a dam; whether you measure, analyse and manage the structures of natural or man-made objects: the monitoring systems by Leica Geosystems provide you with the right solution for every application.

Each monitoring project has specific measurement and accuracy requirements. The Leica GeoMoS software provides a highly flexible automatic deformation monitoring system that is able to combine geodetic, geotechnical and meteorological sensors to match the needs of your monitoring project, whether it is large or small, temporary or permanent.


Leica GeoMoS is a multi-purpose automatic deformation monitoring software that can be used for: Structural deformation monitoring (e.g. dams, tunnels, bridges, high-rise buildings, construction) Landslide and settlement detection (e.g. mining, rock falls, volcano slopes, subsidence) Automated surveys (e.g. continuous, automated measurements) and many more.
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