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Network Reference Station


Setting the Standard for RTK Networks For Single Stations and Networks

Leica GNSS Spider is an integrated suite of software for centrally controlling and operating single reference stations or networks of stations. GNSS Spider is modular and scalable with new advanced solutions for long-range high-accuracy Network RTK (SpiderNET) and centralized data distribution. The GNSS Spider Business Center provides powerful access management and reporting with an open interface allowing for efficient accounting for data and services. Become a professional service provider using the best solutions for your needs thanks to GNSS Spider

With emerging satellite systems closely on the horizon, in the form of the European Galileo System and the Chinese Compass (Beidou) System, a new high performance antenna is needed to encompass all Global Navigation Satellite Systems, and further support the Leica Geosystems "future proof" philosophy. The new AR25 has been designed for all existing and currently planned signals of the GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Compass systems.
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