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Land Survey


Cost-efficient measurement with absolute reliability – industrial theodolites and laser stations meet the highest standards even under tough conditions. The extreme measurement volume of over 500 m makes a total station the first choice for the inspection and assembly of very large components.


Leica FlexLine TS02 - Ideal Today, perfect Tomorrow The ideal Total Station for standard measurement tasks. Designed especially for mid-to-low accuracy applications. It comes complete with a standard set of application software that guides you through your daily work. For more convenience add Bluetooth® wireless technology to connect any data collector and use the Software which best suits your tasks and requirements.


Leica FlexLine TS09 - Performance guaranteed A true performance orientated Total Station that continually delivers regardless how demanding the task may be. Designed especially for mid-to-high accuracy applications. Equipped with all FlexLine features from removable USB memory, Bluetooth® wireless technology, Emitting Guide Light to a complete range of application software, your TS09 guarantees maximum performance.


Increase your flexibility in data handling by - Bluetooth® wireless technology - removable USB stick - Mini-USB port - RS232 port Five angle accuracy available from 1" - 7"


FlexField on-board software and FlexOffice Software offer a broad range of functionality to cover all tasks. Benefit from simplicity and functionality in one solution.


for rapid entry of numbers, letters and special characters.


A selection of EDM options delivers exactly what you need:

3500 m, 1 mm accuracy Non-Prism: 30 m FlexPoint >400 m PinPoint–Power >1000 m PinPoint–Ultra

If your work exposes you to extremely cold conditions down to -35° C (-22° F) this isn't a problem. All FlexLine Total Stations are available as Arctic versions

TPS1200 Total Station :-

The new Leica TPS1200+ is our most competitive total station ever. It provides the market's most accurate reflectorless EDM with the smallest laser dot and measures distances over 1000 meters. Thanks to the new telescope fitted to all Leica TPS1200+ models, the user also benefits from the most accurate measurements to reflectors.

1. High Accuracy
2. Easy to use
3. Large graphic display
4. Identical data management


World's first, TPS and GPS perfectly combined. High performance total station with powerful GNSS/GPS receiver. No need for control points, long traverses or resections. Just set up SmartStation and let GNSS/GPS determine the position. You survey easier, quicker and with fewer set ups.

SmartStation position coordinates at the touch of a key

With SmartStation you don't need to worry about control points, traverses and resections. Just set up wherever it's convenient, touch the GPS key and let the SmartAntenna do the rest. RTK determines the position to centimeter accuracy within a few seconds at ranges up to 50 km from a reference station. With SmartStation you're ready to go in the shortest possible time; fix the position with GNSS/GPS and then survey with the total station.

GNSS/GPS fully integrated into total station

With the entire software in the total station, all TPS and GNSS/GPS operations are controlled via the TPS keyboard. All data are stored in the same database on the same CompactFlash card. All measurement, status and other information are displayed on the TPS screen. The TPS plug-in battery also powers the GNSS/GPS SmartAntenna and RTK communication device. All components combine perfectly. Everything is integrated into one compact unit – no need for cables, external battery, data logger etc.

Use as SmartStation, or as a total station and RTK rover

With SmartStation's modular design, you can use the equipment in any way you like. Use SmartStation when there are no control points available. Once SmartStation is accurately positioned, take off the SmartAntenna, put it on a pole, and use it with the RX1210 controller and GTX1230 sensor as a fully-fledged RTK rover. You're totally flexible with SmartStation.

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