With an increasing demand for dimensional inspection solutions near the point of production, specialised shop-floor CMMs endure the most challenging workshop conditions. From near-line to fully-integrated systems, shop-floor CMMs from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence mean measurement accuracy is assured.

  • 4.5.4 SF

    Quality Insight at the Point of Production

    The 4.5.4 Shop Floor (SF) coordinate measuring machine excels in tough shop-floor conditions. It draws its inspiration from over fifteen years of shop floor machine production experience, and thousands of installed units worldwide. It is designed to surpass the demanding requirements of harsh shop floor environments. Its most notable feature is its flexibility. The 4.5.4 SF uses standard 110 volt outlets with no need for shop air. Its compact footprint and roll-around stand, specifically designed to fit through a standard door, lets you easily move the SF series anywhere in the shop where precise dimensional inspection is required. Optional programmable status lighting on the z-axis signals the machine’s progress throughout the measurement routine. An etched granite base defines the measurement envelope in the x and y axes.  Workspace LED lighting illuminates the parts being inspected in poorly lit environments. An optional articulated arm supports the monitor and keyboard (shown here) to increase its ergonomic flexibility. The 4.5.4 SF integrates advanced thermal compensation to adjust for shop floor temperature gradients. Protective covered ways guard the machine’s scales from collecting dirt & dust, ultimately affecting the machine’s performance. For movement throughout the facility, the 4.5.4 SF has built-in vibration resistance, giving operators’ confidence in the accuracy of their measurements. For operators monitoring multiple machines at once, Hexagon has developed the Message Light System, an alerting option to inform users of any errors that can occur during measurement from across the shop floor! Economical to own and operate with low up-front cost and simple maintenance, the 4.5.4 SF could be the most flexible CMM you've ever operated. Plug it in and start measuring!
  • 7.10.7 SF

    Quality Insight at the Point of Production

    The Hexagon Metrology 7.10.7 SF is a rugged and robust coordinate measuring machine designed to excel in demanding conditions. Inspired by over fifteen years of shop-floor machine production and hardened by proven technologies, it has been tested in the harshest manufacturing environments. With additional features to increase usability and offer a better user experience for shop-floor operators, the 7.10.7 SF is ideal for frontline quality control. Easy to use and economical to operate, with low upfront costs and straightforward maintenance, it is the simple choice for tough surroundings. Designed from the ground up to meet the needs and demands of shop-floor users, the 7.10.7 SF is the ideal CMM for machine shops and manufacturing cells. Featuring advanced thermal compensation, covered ways, hardened steel tool guides and built-in vibration resistance, it offers a flexible solution for dimensional inspection at any stage of the production process. Using standard 110/220 volt outlets and with no need for shop air, the 7.10.7 SF can be moved to various points of production - wherever precise measurement is required. An operator-friendly fixturing system enables quick and efficient exchange of work pieces, while integrated workspace illumination and message lighting are among the other usability enhancements. Also key to the user experience is the revolutionary PC-DMIS Touch software. It enables users of the 7.10.7 SF to run inspection programs via a touch-screen interface that requires very little training. Together, they offer immediate quality control visibility to help identify and react to process variations, reducing scrap and increasing productivity.

    Take Your Production to a New Level with the TIGO SF

    Developed for the shop-floor, the TIGO SF is a fully-protected and versatile coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that combines robust construction, innovative technology and flexibility of setup to ensure high-accuracy measurement in the harshest of environments. TIGO SF is an accurate and compact CMM specifically designed for use on the shop floor. With a measurement volume of 500 x 580 x 500 mm (X/Y/Z), it is the ideal measurement solution for a wide range of small and medium size parts from all industrial sectors. The solid and robust TIGO SF features air-free movement to ensure performance in harsh shop-floor environments. The machine structure is fully protected by the covers and bellows to prevent contamination of the moving parts. Electronic equipment is housed in the machine stand, and an IP54-rated version of the stand is available as an option for extra protection in the harshest environments. Passive dampeners mitigate the effects of vibration, and an active dampening system is available as an option for workshop setups where vibrations may have a greater impact. Thanks to its cantilever structure, TIGO SF is open on three sides and therefore offers optimal accessibility for manual and automatic part loading and unloading for seamless integration into a variety of production processes. The thick granite worktable also incorporates a dense grid of fixturing holes to make part placement easy and quick. TIGO SF is the all-in-one measuring solution for production areas; in the standard configuration both the controller and the PC are housed inside the machine stand, and the monitor and keyboard are positioned on a swivelling arm to ensure maximum ergonomics with the minimum footprint. This standalone compact configuration can be easily relocated to suit changing production needs. In its standard configuration TIGO SF comes equipped with the HP-S-X1C fixed probe head to support high-speed, high-accuracy continuous scanning and point-to-point measurements. Alternatively, the CMM can be equipped with the automatic indexable HH-A-5° or manual index HH-MI-M and touch trigger probes for greater flexibility. Enhanced structural thermal compensation enables TIGO SF’s standard operating temperature range of 15 °C to 30 °C to be extended up to 40 ˚C through the XT extended temperature option.
  • Leitz SIRIO Xi

    Optimum Process Control in Series Production

    Leitz SIRIO coordinate measuring machines have a long tradition of high-end technology in production metrology. The genes inherited by the youngest member of the SIRIO family have all the ingredients for a special mission: to raise metrology in the manufacturing environment to a new level.
    The Leitz SIRIO Xi is the perfect solution for the shop floor. It is able to achieve what is important here: Maximum throughput with high levels of precision. It excels with maximum efficiency and processing speed as well as a forward-looking technological configuration as part of the industry of the future. In short: The Leitz SIRIO Xi focuses on what is essential in order to provide maximum support for production process control. Measuring machines from the Leitz SIRIO range are also used as gear inspection centres. All types of gears can be measured very quickly and with a high degree of precision using these machines. Gear cutting tools such as hob cutters, broaches, shaper cutters and shaving gears can also be measured on the Leitz SIRIO Xi. Using a Leitz SIRIO Xi coordinate measuring machine as a gear checker offers several advantages in comparison with a conventional gear checker:
    • There is much more flexibility, as not only gears and cutting tools, but also almost all workpieces and geometries can be measured with great accuracy
    • The Leitz gear checker represents maximum throughput with minimal checking costs.
    • Complete inspection of gears on long shafts up to 2400 mm
    • Leitz SIRIO Xi coordinate measuring machines / gear checkers measure all features and references as specified on the drawing, even in large internal gears
  • Leitz SIRIO SX / BX

    Ultra-High Accuracy Shop-Floor Coordinate Measuring Machines

    The Leitz SIRIO coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) have proved themselves over the decades within quality assurance for production both on and off the shop-floor. To tackle a virtually limitless number of measuring tasks, these CMMs are equipped with an automatic probe changing system, rotary table and pallet system. The Leitz SIRIO SX and Leitz SIRIO BX utilise the latest Prime technologies for fast, accurate and reliable measurements, enabling high throughput for the production line with maximum cost effectiveness. For the automatic combination of tactile and optical sensor technology within a single measurement procedure, the Leitz SIRIO BX is equipped with SENMATION SX, a special adapted version of the SENMATION automated sensor changing system for the Leitz SIRIO platform. This sensor interface allows the automated change between the HP-S-X1C tactile probe and the PRECITEC S optical sensor.