At SITML we are able to supply an complete range of versatile additions and genuine Leica GPS/GNSS Accessories to compliment your existing GPS/GNSS equipment. We provide accessories including antennas, adapters, brackets, poles, cables, carriers, batteries and memory cards. Please browse through our products below and if you require any help please contact us for advice.

  • Leica GDZ71 Stylus

    Leica GDZ71 Stylus for field controllers. For use with CS20 and TS16/TS/MS60.
  • Leica GHT68 Utility Hook

    Leica GHT68 Utility Hook for CS20 field controller. Utility hook for attaching CS20 field controller to a tripod.
  • Leica GHT67 Hand Strap

    Leica GHT67, Hand strap for CS20 field controller.
  • Leica GDZ75 Digitiser pen

    Leica GDZ75 Digitiser pen for CS35 tablet.
  • Leica GHT77 Tether

    Leica GHT77 Tether for GDZ75
  • Leica GHT79 Hand strap

    Leica GHT79 Hand strap for CS35 tablet.
  • Leica AR25 4 Constellation GNSS Antenna

    A revolutionary 3D choke ring that sets new standards in low elevation tracking and multipath reduction. With emerging satellite systems close on the horizon.
  • Leica AR20 Choke Ring Antenna

    Designed for permanent and semi-permanent reference network installations. Provides superior tracking by using different depth and width choke rings. Allows for every low and stable phase centre offsets and very smooth symmetry of the phase centre variations versus azimuth and elevation.
  • Leica AR10 Multi-Purpose GNSS Antenna with Integrated Radome

    The AR10 is the ideal antenna for a wide range of high accuracy permanent and mobile base station applications. It offers near choke-ring performance but without the weight, size and cost. Provides exceptional signal tracking, phase centre accuracy and multipath suppression.
  • Leica GVP647 Mini Pack for GNSS Receiver

    Minipack for GS10 receiver. Allows carry of GNSS receiver and RTK devices in the most ergonomic way on the back.