High-precision systems optimally support the different slab track construction stages
Real-time display of correction values for direct adjustment of track position and height
Interactive, sleeper-based correction-data preparation
Acceptance mode for proper documentation of final track position
Comprehensive numerical and graphical reporting as a hand-out for contractors

  • Amberg Rail Slab Track GRP 1000

    The configuration consists of
    • Premium hardware GRP 1000
    • Application specific software Slab Track Plus
    • Robust and guaranteed precision thanks to GRP Fidelity
    • First-class application support
  • Amberg Rail Slab Track IMS 1000 / 3000

    Control of the Slab Track at high speed

    Revolution of a measuring principle
    • Trusted VMS work procedure (long-chord method) – with only one measurement trolley
    • Combined survey of relative and absolute track geometry in one run
    • Absolute track accuracy up to 1 mm
    • Unrivalled survey performance up to 4000 m/h
    • No geodetic skills for operator required
    • Up to 90 % cost savings compared to traditional methods
    Modular system design
    • Measuring trolley consisting of precision sensors for gauge, superelevation and distance and ruggedized notebook
    • AMU 1030 (Amberg Measuring Unit) for unrivalled kinematic measurement precision
    • Two control point (CP) measuring devices of choice
      • Tachymeter (IMS 1000): single and multi CP mode
      • Profiler 110 FX (IMS 3000): single CP mode
    • Modular system upgrading possibilities
    • Easy handling, simple transportation
    • LED-lighting for secure work at night
    • Robust hardware design for hard environment
    Single control point mode
    • High performance for long track sections
    • First choice for measurements during short track closures
    • Measuring performance up to 4000 m/h, typically 2500 m/h
    • Distance between CP measurements up to 500 m
    • Fully automatic relative control point measurement with IMS 1000
    • No loss of accuracy due to refraction
    No line of sight required
    • Multi control point mode
    • For demanding project accuracies
    • Tachymeter setup with multiple control points ensures highest accuracy and reliability
    • Complete setup control out of Amberg Rail software
    • Measuring performance up to 1500 m/h, typically 1000 m/h
    • Distance between Tachymeter resections up to 500 m
    • Increased efficiency without Tachymeter leveling
    • Minimization of potential control point errors