Digital center-piece measuring system Centerpieces in points are of particular importance, in particular with regard to track safety. Regular inspections and repair measures in the centerpiece area are therefore mandatory. Usually only punctual test equipment is available for this purpose. However, in order to be able to make objective statements about the qualitative overall condition of the heart and its lying time, a holistic measurement is necessary. This is exactly where the digital heart rate measuring device (HMG) comes into its own. The HMG determines the complete overflow geometry of turnout frog pieces in relation to a specified target profile. In addition, the flow geometry of the frog point is recorded. On the basis of the measurement data, not only the overall condition can be assessed, but also the quality of completed repair measures (eg build-up welding, reprofiling, centerpiece replacement, etc.) can be documented.
  • V&P RMF 1100

    Mobile corrugation measuring system

    Approved measuring device according to DB and DIN EN 13231-3: 2012 for the acceptance of rail profile work Correct checking of the rail longitudinal profile, especially after reprofiling work such as rail grinding or milling, is of central importance. RMF 1100 fulfills these requirements as precisely as efficiently . Compared to its "big brother RMF 2.3E", the RMF 1100 is built more compact (shorter) and detects waves up to a maximum length of 1000 mm. The central feature is Vogel & Plötscher's specially developed and patented measuring principle - proven for years and internationally recognized. The scanning of the rail is effected touching by a special probe with high-resolution sensor (measuring interval = 2 mm). The decisive advantage: RMF 1100 thus maps the actual primary profile, ie it provides the real raw data of the rail surface! These are of particular importance since they represent a verifiable and therefore reliable basis for the assessments, for example according to DB guideline 824 or DIN EN 13231-3: 2012.

  • V&P RM 1200 digital

    Digital corrugation measuring system

    Everywhere, where rails are welded, ground and milled, the result for quality control can be measured: a case for the RM 1200 digital.

    The recognized and handy measuring system is immediately ready for use, a measurement process completed within a few seconds. The latest generation of the proven RM 1200digital is equipped with a powerful outdoor tablet, the "MiniPad". In addition to a high-resolution 7 "color display, this offers comfortable touch-screen operation in a familiar Windows environment. The measured data are displayed graphically in real time and then stored on the MiniPad or evaluated directly.
  • V&P RM 150HR

    Determination of Rail Vehicle Quality [QKw] Re-profiling of rails leads to characteristic machining features on the rail surface . These features, depending on the nature and extent of different effects, especially on the noise in the track. The quality of the rail surface is thus of substantial importance and at the same time an objective yardstick. For the uniform evaluation of the rail driving surface a quality characteristic [QKw] was developed and introduced. The metrological determination of the quality characteristic value is demanding, since even the smallest irregularities below the typical Riffel wavelengths of 10-30 mm must be taken into account.
  • V&P PMS II

    PMS II is a particularly handy and efficient solution for the digital acquisition of the rail cross profile. Only a few steps and the measuring system is ready for use. Operation is menu-driven via the docked display and operating unit "MPCe". The measuring process is fully automatic and completed within 30 seconds. The measurement result is displayed immediately graphically and can then be stored on the internal SD card.

    The detection of the rail profile is touching, ie with a high-precision sensor, the rail surface is scanned and transmitted the measurement data directly to the MPCe. The stored measurement files can then be transferred via SD card to an office computer. By means of the provided evaluation software "PMS-viewer" a detailed analysis of the measurement result is possible. Thus, one measurement can be directly compared with another or set in relation to a stored reference profile (target-actual comparison). Optionally, the functionality of the PMS II can be extended. With the help of an integrated laser measuring unit, additional data on the quantity removal or the groove depth can be determined.
  • V&P SKM

    Rail head wear measuring device The measuring devices of the SKM series serve for the fast measurement of the wear on the rail head with Vignol rails - laterally as well as vertically. SKM 1 The driving edge measurement is carried out at 45 ° to the rail centerline. SKM 2 Here, the travel edge is measured at 22.5 °, 45 ° and 67.5 ° to the rail centerline.