We stock and supply an extensive range of Leica total station accessories to compliment your Leica instrument. We provide a range of batteries and chargers suited to power current and legacy Leica total stations and also connecting cables, both power and data transfer. Our precision carriers and tribrachs come with varying features but for complete accuracy we suggest a precision plummet (laser or optical) is included in either the tribrach or carrier when using both to form the standard total station setup. We can also provide protective containers and bags for transporting and keeping organised your highly valued instrument and kit. We also stock memory cards for data storage and transferring important data and settings. We also stock an extensive range of durable and ridged tripods ideal for total stations. Many reflector prisms are available including monitoring and mini prisms which are highly accurate. The motorised or robotic total station can be controlled remotely via a radio handle or other radio modem when needed.