Leica iCON gps 70 Series

Ultimate performance for your construction site

For construction professionals, Leica Geosystems introduces the most efficient GNSS rovers, the Leica iCON gps 70 Series. With the iCON gps 70 T you can measure and stakeout points quicker than ever before without the need to keep the pole vertical and level the bubble. The combination of the latest GNSS technology and inertial measurement unit (IMU) equips the iCON gps 70 T with permanent tilt compensation and makes it resistant to any magnetic interference. Being fully calibration-free, the iCON gps 70 T is ready when you are – anytime, anywhere.

Free yourself from the boundaries and limitations of working with the pole in vertical positions and increase productivity compared to conventional methods. Collect as-built field data and stakeout designs faster while increasing accuracy and reducing critical errors. Avoid time-consuming procedures and measure where it was not possible before with improved quality control. Focus on your job, your surroundings and your safety – not on holding the pole vertical.

The iCON gps 70 series is seamlessly integrated into the Leica iCON field software. By keeping the core central interface, following the unrivalled Leica iCON concept, you will benefit from the simple-to-use workflows which require less training and avoid costly downtime.

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Tilt – Traceability – Trust
There is no need to hold the pole vertical when taking measurements. Full traceability by storing tilt values with each measurement improves the quality control of any measured point. The permanent tilt compensation extends your measurement possibilities, improves quality and accuracy of your collected data as well as eliminating critical errors as levelling the bubble is no longer necessary.

iCON field solution – unmatched simplicity
Leica iCON field offers a smart and customised positioning solution for all construction sites. Improve your performance with intelligent software applications, workflows and an innovative software design. The seamless integration into all iCON sensors and Leica ConX cloud-based collaboration tool, provides you with all the tools to increase the efficiency of your field operations. The iCON gps 70 series follows this concept and perfectly complements the existing iCON field solution.

Active Customer Care
As a reliable partner, we offer an extensive range of customer services designed specifically for machine control and construction professionals. The wide range of technical services including on-site support, technical support, repairs and preventative maintenance are carried out by experts. Our global team of highly-skilled and experienced support engineers and service technicians are committed to help you meet your deadlines and reduce your downtime.


  • Calibration-free
  • Resistant to magnetic interferences
  • Increased measurement productivity and reduction
  • of human error


  • 555 channels for more signals, faster acquisition and improved sensitivity
  • Intelligent management of multi-frequency, multiconstellation signals
  • Intelligent selection to automatically reject reflected or noisy signals


  • Compact and lightweight housing
  • UHF radio
  • Tilt and non-tilt variant


  • Unique RTK technology provides continuous checks to guarantee correct results
  • Initialisation within seconds
  • Complete reliability


  • IP66 / IP68 protection
  • Built for extreme temperatures of -40°C to +65°C
  • Fulfils toughest standards throughout the complete product lifetime
  • Rugged aluminium housing


  • Seamless integration into iCON field solution
  • Easy-to-use software interface and seamless data flow throughout the workflow
  • Exceptional application functionality
  • Leica ConX cloud-based collaboration tool for real-time 3D data exchange


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