Achieve increased productivity on grading jobs with ease!

With the use of the Leica iCON iGD4SPsolution for 6 way blade equipped dozers maximum speed, flexibility and precision can be achieved. Maintain grade whilst running the dozer to is maximum capabilities. Move dirt precisely where needed with accurate blade tilt and angle calculations and complete work in less time and with less rework

Achieve more from the dozers 6 way blade with the iGD4SP dual antenna solution. Use the dozer for final trim and fine-grading applications in the same way that a motorgrader is used. Less on-site machines mean less wear on the machines and lower transportation costs. This solution allows machines to be run at maximum speed with accuracy resulting in increased efficiency and profits.

Benefits of the iGD4SP:

  • Run machines automatically and retain precision without the need to rework.
  • Angle the dozers blade and control windrow effectively for maximum performance. Eradicate the need to repeat passes to clear away dirt build up.
  • The iCON grade solution allows for dozers system expansion as projects grow in size and scope. Only invest in what is required.
  • iGD4SP provides both precision and speed to deliver maximum productivity and increased profit.
  • The CAN technology allows for functionality expansion of the system by simply adding the appropriate components.
  • PowerSnap allows the same panel for each functional level. Purchase licenses for the configurations required.
  • Operation is easier with clear visibility of the blades working area will small diameter masts

iGD4SP Technology – Highest performance and productivity with Leica SP Technology

  • Fine grade with your bulldozer
  • Fastest speed with high precision
  • Highly accurate and with fast results
  • Incomparable productivity with boosted profitability

With the use of inertial guidance along with very responsive hydraulic control, grading work is notably enhanced. Dozers which are equipped with SP technology provide precise and dependable grading results at previously impossible speeds on nearly all surfaces

PowerSnap – A new level of convenience

  • Quick and easy to setup
  • Quickly change between control panels and machines on site
  • One PowerSnap cradle for all iCON panels
  • Easily remove core components for security
  • Cable free connection
  • Safety features to protect system
  • Unique Snap on/off