Revolutionise the way fine-grade and soil is moved with the Leica iCON grade iGx3. Not only does it increase performance and productivity but superb flexibility.

The 3D system provides automated machine guidance bringing the alignments and design surfaces in to the cab. This enables tasks to be done without the need for stakes, hubs or stringlines. Independent work can be done accurately and independently on the project guided by an iCON robot or GNSS system.

Leica iCON grade iGx3 brings together iCON telematics which allows for remote support, data transfer from the office to machines, and fleet management through the iCONnet website.

Greatly increase the utiliisation and productivity of machines and also optimise material usage on fine-grading and earth moving contracts. Leica iCON grade iGx3 can be used with a wide range of sensors and brings together flexibility, ease-of-use with powerful and intuitive software.

The Leica iCON grade system makes use of the unique PowerSnap™ concept. This is a single docking station which allows for panels to be exchanged quickly and simply. Easily change the 2D to a 3D panel or even transfer them between machines. Just snap it in to place.

Key Benefits

  • Production increase
    • Maximise machine production and ROI by achieving the correct grade quickly
    • Save time, setup in minutes. The grade iGx3 system will remember settings
  • Flexibility increase
    • Unique Snap-on and Snap-off
    • Remove of key components easily for security.
    • Fully scalable. Slope, laser, GPS and total station options.
  • Cost reduction
    • Quicker job cycles reduce costs
    • Reduce labour costs by reducing grade checks

Incomparable Flexibility

There is no need to be restricted to purchasing a complete grader or dozer solution for every machine in the fleet. Leica’s unique Snap-on off capability allows the change from one configuration to another as the project requires.

More advantages for increasing productivity:

  • Control panel is contact-free which eradicates bad connectors or damaged cables
  • Automatic control for motorgraders with the rare GPS/TPS or Tri-Sonic sensors
  • Hold slope function provides accurate crown cuts and extending beyond breaklines when required
  • Mast-tilt compensation to avoid rebenching of the motorgrader blade between fine-grading and cut passes
  • Works along with most current GNSS sensors and total stations
  • Automatic switch off of the system power when control panel is removed.
  • Fully integrated Leica iCON telematics services