Leica iCON iXE3 – 3D System

Advanced 3D excavator machine control solution

Leica iCON excavate iXE3 offers you 2D and 3D machine control in one control panel. You can work with dual grade functions in 2D as well as reference models and GNSS in 3D. Switch view with the touch of a button.

The advanced 3D software allows you to create simple terrain models directly in the control panel – a new feature providing great flexibility in the field. With the unique PowerSnap concept, Leica iCON excavate iXE3 simplifies system installation and enables rapid interchange of control panels between machines in your fleet.
The system  supports Leica iCON telematics which enables you easy data transfer from office to machines, remote support and fleet management via the iCON telematics website.

Advanced 3D guidance

iCON excavate iXE3 uses 3D design (CAD) models and state of the art GNSS technology to guide the operator. Design information and real-time cut/fill indications are displayed in the cab on your control box, allowing you rapid excavation to the reference design. The system eliminates the need for grade checking, increasing both safety and productivity. No need for surveyors to enter the earthworks area.

Integrated tilt rotator support

Leica iCON excavate iXE3 provides integrated tilt rotator support, giving the operator clear guidance information about the actual tilt and rotation position relative to his project. iCON excavate with tilt rotator support increases your productivity and lets you maximise the use and benefits of your machine control solution.


  • Improve site safety – iCON excavate iXE3 removes the need for grade checkers to enter the earthworks area
  • Eliminate over excavation and costly material overruns
  • Work without boundaries – increases machine productivity by reducing your dependency on site survey teams
  • Creates a greener site – reduced rework and increased productivity all add up to substantial fuel savings, as well as reduced machine hours, as the job gets done quicker!
  • Construct complex geometries, profiles and grades in a fraction of the normal time. Handle “blind” and underwater excavation with ease
  • Operator-friendly, easy-to-understand user interface reduces training time and costs
  • Upgrade easily from 2D to 3D in the same control panel
  • Full payback on your investment can be achieved in one project
  • Full support of iCON telematics services
  • Precise sculpting of edges, slopes and contours by support of tilt rotator attachments

System Features

  • Work directly from CAD models with Leica iCON excavate iXE3
  • Switch between 2D and 3D view with the touch of a button
  • Full guidance with rich 3D graphics – see the job how you need to, see section, profile and 2D/3D view
  • Create simple terrain models directly on the screen
  • Compatible with most makes and models of excavators on the market – even dual boom excavators supported
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PowerSnap technology

You want to use your control panel on several machines in your fleet with an easy, quick install? PowerSnap allows simple and fast exchange of the panel between different machines.

The patented Snap-on & Snap-off technology from Leica Geosystems allows machine sensors and control panels to be interchanged for rapid reconfiguration of machine control hardware.  Swapping control panels and sensor technology has never been easier and faster – alter machine capabilities as your project needs change.

Benefits PowerSnap

  • System is up and running in no time
  • Rapid interchange of control panels between machines, giving you extra flexibility on site
  • One Cradle for all iCON excavate and iCON grade panels
  • Easy removal of core components for overnight security
  • Contact and cable free connection to control/display panels
  • Safety shut down feature protects system and data
  • Cradle stores machine specific settings such as hydraulic tuning
  • Unique patented Snap on/Snap off capability

System applications

The days of being constrained and relying on batter rails, boards and string lines is coming to an end, with the revolutionary Leica iCON excavate iXE3 system. Typically a site survey will be conducted; turning physical data into terrain models. As the construction process continues, this data is interpreted into rails, boards and other markers. This takes time not to mention expense!

Using the Leica iCON excavate iXE3 the operator works directly from the original 3D data produced by site engineers. Operators can then reach target depth and grades with ease. Using the Bluetooth and wireless capabilities of the Leica iCON excavate iXE3 display screen the data can be sent straight back to the site office speeding up excavation and prevents over/under dig. This will positively impact project costs and make you more profitable!


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