Remote access for job-site and machinery

Save time, increase work speed and productivity. Leica iCON telematics provides a suite of web-based tools which increases operation efficiency on site and remote machinery fleet management.

The telematics services allows for simple and fast transfer of data from the office to site construction machines providing support remotely for operators and standard management functionality. Leica iCON telematics integrates seamlessly with workflows on development projects and Leica iCON solutions, streamlining work activities which ultimately save on time and costs.

Benefits of Leica telematics

  • Web-based user-friendly interface
  • Multiple user levels
  • Communication from office to site
  • Synchronise data with project management tools from office to the working site
  • Manage and create projects with varying machines
  • Simply design data, increase productivity and manage fleet operations

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Design data needs to be adjusted regularly for construction sites. Sync allows the upload of design data to the fleet immediately. Manual upload of data using a USB stick is a thing of the past. Data is transferred remotely from the office to the field quick and easily. Validate individual project files remotely on machines making sure they are up-to-date.

  • Decrease downtime and machine visits
  • Avoid rework and save money and time
  • Handle support and maintenance effectively with remotely uploading of firmware


View allows the manager in the office to see the operators screen with remote access. If the operator requires help, the off-site administrator can access the machines screen remotely and support staff can make use of this feature to provide fast response when incidents may occur.

  • Lower machine down time and keep productivity
  • Save on site visits time by checking settings remotely on the machine
  • Schedule operator training by utilising remote instructors and increase uptime


Track is a fleet management tool which integrates seamlessly within Leica iCON solution. It provides monitoring functionality of the fleet in real time with reports. Monitor entry and exits for multiple geographical areas. Reports can be generated, including rioting, activity and others filtered by time, calendar, geographical area and type of machine.

  • Real time reporting for quick response
  • Track and monitor results instantly and monitor equipment to improve daily operations
  • Reduce repetitive work and save time by creating on demand reports or generate schedules.