Leica iXE CoPilot

Simplifying the use of tilt rotators with iXE CoPilot

Ease-of-use with tilt rotator

The excavator operator only needs to concentrate on controlling the digging movement (boom, arm, bucket and slew of the machine) while the tilt and rotation function of the tilt rotator is adjusted automatically based on the reference model surface under the bucket.

The operator maintains control of the bucket rotation as they dig, allowing them to manage material in the bucket properly but eliminating the need to constantly adjust the tilt of the bucket. This decreases operator fatigue, increases the accuracy of the iXE2/iXE3 excavator solutions and saves time and cost.

Key benefits

  • Use the tilt rotator attachment in any position while the iXE CoPilot automatically positions the bucket to the desired grade, and get even more productivity out of your grade control system
  • Reduce the complexity of operating multiple moving parts on an excavator
  • Use your tilt rotator equipped excavator to accomplish all tasks on site, from bulk earthworks to finish work
  • Use the tilt rotator attachments on excavators without the need for special training or long learning curves
  • Increase focus on the area you are digging in, making it a safer working environment
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Reach new levels of productivity with your excavator

No steep learning curve
The iXE CoPilot extends the opportunity to contractors to use tilt rotator attachments on their excavators without the need for special training or long learning curves.

Invite your iXE CoPilot to assist you when using your tilt rotator. Simply engage the function through the integrated trigger button on the tilt rotator joysticks, and let your CoPilot assist you by automatically adjusting the tilt of your tilt rotator.

Reducing operator fatigue, simplifying use of the tilt rotator regardless of operator experience, and insuring the correct target slope is achieved are some advantages of inviting the iXE CoPilot into the cab with you.

No reconfiguration

This productivity enhancing feature will be available in both iXE2 and iXE3 solutions from Leica Geosystems, enabling contractors to maximise their productivity regardless of the level of technology they choose for their excavator.
The development of iXE CoPilot is further proof of Leica Geosystems’ more than 25 years of commitment to the development of excavator solutions and digitisation of the heavy construction industry.


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