Leica NA520 Automatic Level

Experts face many difficulties on site. Whatever the levelling task, Leica NA520 levels overcome. Depend on the known capabilities of Leica Geosystems for the finest in quality and performance. On your conditions and on your site, the Leica NA520 is the reliable instrument for precise measurements every time.

  • Unique design and recognised technology throughout.
  • Leica Geosystems appreciates construction and delivers levels for all needs
  • Exceptional knowledge and superior warranty you can rely on – worldwide


  • Quick and easy to get measurements
  • Distinctive design and high quality results for levelling needs
  • Constructed for the most harshest conditions and rugged sites
  • First-rate warranty

Price Includes

  • Leica NA520 Automatic Level 360°
  • Carry Case
  • CD User Manual
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Technical Data
NA520 NA524 NA534
Technical Data
Standard deviation for 1 km double levelling (ISO17123-2) 2.5mm 1.9mm 1.6mm
Telescope image Upright
Magnification 20x 24x 32x
Objective aperture 36mm
Shortest target distance from instr. axis <1.0 m
Field of view at 100 m <2.1 m
Multiplication factor 100
Additive constant 0
Working range ± 15’
Setting accuracy (standard deviation) <0.5’’
Sensitivity 8’/2 mm
Horizontal Circle
Graduation 360°
Graduation interval
Weight (net) 1.5 kg
Operating temperature range –20° C to +50° C


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