Leica Nova TM50 Monitoring Station

Speed is Vital

The world is constantly changing and both natural and man-made structures change over time. Dams and buildings settle, bridges move and flex, rock mass can shift, volcanoes explode and glaciers drift. This may be caused by human intervention such as construction or mining or by natural actions such as erosion or climate change.

When monitoring this type of change, engineering contractors and companies are faced with increasing challenges. They are being held responsible and accountable for the condition of the structures they maintain. Engineers require the ability to measure movements of structures to millimetre accuracy levels. The Leica Geosystems Nova TM50 is perfect instrument which produces the results monitoring engineers deserve and expect.

Image Assistance for all situations

The Leica Nova TM50 includes a telescopic camera with autofocus and magnification. High quality live video streaming is delivered using the latest in image handling technology. The imaging capabilities of the Nova TM50 create new possibilities within this total station in a huge range of applications.

Continued Reliability and Operation

The Leica Nova TM50 is reliable 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for all types of monitoring applications. For use in tough environments, the Leica TM50 is designed to withstand rough use and will operate in a range of temperatures whilst also being protected against rain, dust and sand. It will operate fully and effectively in both bright sunlight and absolute darkness.

Integrated Monitoring

The Leica Nova TM50 integrates easily with total stations, GNSS equipment, software and IT communications to create complete Monitoring solutions. For peace of mind, Leica’s GeoMoS software allows for automatic flexible deformation monitoring which combines sensors for satisfaction.

Features at a glance
Accurate scanning Angular Accuracy: 0.5”
3 km range ∓ 0.5” Automatic Aiming accuracy
Wide angle Camera Automated panoramic image capture
Hi-Res Telescopic Camera 30x magnification
Automated focussing
IP65 Protection Rating Highest in the industry
Endures MIL standard rain test
Operating temp –20°C to +50°C
Protection against wind, rain and dust
Connections Wireless
USB Ports
Bluetooth connectivity
Dynamic Automation Best in acceleration and speed
No noise pollution
Increased service intervals
Power External power
Internal charging
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