Complete precision in all environments

Leica SP technology moves bulldozer grading work to a new level with a higher standard and increased consistency. Designed to increase grading productivity with dozers, SP technology supports GPS and total stations to achieve superb results in any working environment.

SP technology at a glance

  • Increase Productivity and Speed
  • Improve Precision and Smoothness
  • Superlative Performance
  • Increased Flexibility

Grading at increased speed rates

Powergrade with SP allows jobs to be finished quicker and with less equipment, allowing machines to be available for the next project much earlier. SP Technology provides improved hydraulic control which can also increase machine utilisation, productivity and optimise material usage on any fine-grading and earthmoving project.

Increased accuracy and smooth results

With the use of inertial guidance along with very responsive hydraulic control, grading work is notably enhanced. Dozers which are equipped with SP technology provide precise and dependable grading results at previously impossible speeds on nearly all surfaces. Make use of the dozer for finish work where are grader was always necessary!

Precise results in any environment

Leica SP Technology provides high speed precision irrespective of the working environment. The system operates with total stations and GPS and offers flexibility and increased productivity on any project job site.

Grading a building pad which is surrounded by tall buildings or cutting a new road through a forested area? When GPS is not a choice a total station based machine control system will allow continued work with the 3D system.

Leica Geosystems understand work changes on a daily basis and machines need to be utilised in varying ways. Therefore Leica products have been developed to provide the freedom to choose when and where you use your machine.

Increase value of current hardware

New ways of working are offered with the use of PowerGrade with SP technology. Dozers can undertake finish work and fine-grading, which means less equipment is required on some projects. Challenging jobsites such as urban canyons, deep cuts, mountainous or forested areas will benefit from SP Technology’s performance and keep things productive and moving.

SP Technology Key benefits

  • Fine grade with the dozer
  • Continued accuracy and smoothness at increased speeds
  • Use SP Technology with total stations or GPS
  • Improved machine uptime
  • Increased sensor availability with GPS/GNSS
  • Productivity that raises profitability
  • Reach target grade quicker