Next Jogbox (NJB)

Take control of your CMM with the next generation of ergonomically-designed jogbox

The Next Jogbox (NJB) is the first manual coordinate measuring machine (CMM) control interface to be designed based on extensive user experience research. Offering ergonomic design coupled with robust construction, it lets you take control of your CMM comfortably – all day, every day.

The Next Jogbox was developed for you, the user. A combination of extensive user research, iterative prototyping, extensive knowledge of manufacturing and carefully chosen components led Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence to create the NJB in an effort to transform the user experience and significantly increase product durability in the field.

Most importantly, the NJB can easily be added and installed to most Hexagon CMM systems as an upgrade. Please contact your local service department for a full list of supported machines.

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Crafted from carefully chosen and robust materials, the Next Jogbox allows you to measure with confidence knowing your system is fully protected.

Equipped with a cradle and a cradle holder, the NJB allows you to secure the jogbox without having to worry about dropping it or tripping over wires.

Ergonomic Design
The balanced design offers a solid and secure feeling in your hand, allowing you to measure with more confidence. The materials selected for the NJB ensure the right feel and reduce fatigue during usage.

Enhanced User Experience
All buttons on the NJB are positioned based on frequency of use and placed so that right-handed or left-handed operators can easily reach them.


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