RSMP180 Plastic housing with 12.7mm mini prism

RSMP180 sticks quickly and easily even to difficult surfaces, e.g. glass and marble façades, historic buildings, steel girders, rails, gas and oil pipelines, etc. or can be attached using plugs and screws.

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When using tachymeters and robotic total stations

  • the prism can always be aligned accurately with the measuring instrument
  • the prism can be turned in a radius of 180° making it possible to use the same survey point from different directions
  • bridges, façades and many other structures can be monitored even more quickly and precisely
  • several prisms can be combined with each other due to the integrated connector system, making it possible to survey from different directions without having to turn the prism – see examples

When using robotic total stations

  • permanent settling measurements can be carried out during the building work
  • settling measurements are possible on railway tracks while under the load of rail traffic

Ranges of 170 m to 400 m are achieved in the ATR mode. The ranges depend on the instruments used. When sighting measuring points that are already known, with robotic total stations it is possible to achieve ranges of up to 1000 m! Depending on the focus, ranges of approx. 200 m are achieved for measurements in manual mode.
Offset: -10 (minus 10)
Height of tilting axis: 30 mm


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