Swift-Fix Fixturing System – Modular part holding for metrology

By virtue of the complexity of many of today’s manufactured components, the held part needs to be uncluttered and the holding and clamping has to be discreet, to allow the measurement probe room to obtain the maximum accessibility. A wide range of accessories is available to suit every type of component holding.

The basis of the system is the stand-off which screws into the base plate and is available in a variety of diameters and lengths. These also connect to each other so that exact heights can be reached. Fittings are available which connect to the end of these stand-offs to give even greater holding flexibility and include stand-off pins, magnets, cones, universal joints, vee locators, height adjusters etc. In addition thumbscrews, toggle clamps, spring plungers and tension spring posts are available to provide an infinite variety of solutions, in fact no matter how awkward the component, Swift-Fix offers a solution for holding it.
Flexibility is another major requirement, particularly where component size varies. Another unique feature of Swift-Fix is that it is a modular system which allows base plates to be linked together to suit larger components and ensure the hole pitch between plates is maintained.Swift-Fix can be supplied with a kinematic base plate. This plate is secured permanently in the measuring volume allowing easy changing of component fixtures. Kinematic top plates are available with M8 tapped holes and also as a plain plate for you to create your own dedicated fixture.