Workpiece Lighting

Shine a Light on Productivity with Workspace Illumination

When coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are installed in poorly lit environments, part-programming and fixturing setup can be difficult and time-consuming. Workpiece Lighting provides a solution to poor illumination in quality and shop-floor environments without affecting measurement results.

This solution greatly enhances visibility within the work volume without impacting part loading, unloading, and measuring performance.

Offering three dimmable light intensity settings, the lighting system can be fitted onto a range of bridge CMMs. The rotatable sliding LED bar casts light at nearly 180 degrees and is lockable in three positions to shine light where it’s most needed.

The workpiece lighting is simple to use and install, and when not in use can either be slid out of the way or locked in a storage position.

Workpiece lighting options:

Stand-Mounted – suitable for both CMM drive side and non-drive side

Granite-Mounted – suitable for CMM non-drive side granite mounting

2-Side Combo Kit – includes one stand-mounted and one granite-mounted lighting bar and a communication cable so both light bars can be controlled from either side

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