At SITML we are a leading supplier and offer a complete range of Survey Equipment Instruments and additions to compliment automatic and digital levels, laser levels, total stations, GNSS/GPS, Machine Control, Hydrographic, Aerial Surveying and rail equipment.

For levelling and laser equipment we provide a comprehensive range including standard and specific Leica batteries, chargers and cables which provide power to the instrument safely. Data transfer cables are recommended for data transfer cables connect to standard PCs and laptops via USB. Other levelling accessories include heavy duty and lightweight change plates, and eyepieces and lenses for observations of steep sights and greater magnification. Many of our levelling staffs are sectional and can be adjusted to allow for easy storage and transport. The Aluminium staffs adjust with telescopic section inside each other, whilst the wooden versions use sliding slip joints or connections. We also stock an extensive range of tripods for mounting various type of surveying instruments. The wooden, aluminium and fibreglass tripods are durable outdoors and provide torsional rigidity, especially under load and also provide height stability.

We have an extensive range of Leica TPS total station accessories including batteries and chargers and also connecting cables, both for power and data transfer. Our precision TPS carriers and tribrachs come with different features but for high precision we recommend having a plummet (laser or optical) included in either the tribrach or carrier. We also supply protective containers and bags for transporting and keeping kit organised. Leica memory cards provide data storage for recording important data which is invaluable. We supply a range of durable and ridged tripods for both the Total Station and the prism. The Total Station can be controlled remotely with the use of a radio handle or radio modem.

A complete range of versatile, highly accurate GPS/GNSS accessories can be provided to accompany the GPS (Global Positioning System) and GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) equipment. For accurate positioning of your GPS kit we supply Radios and Modems such as the Leica MC75 mobile phone and Leica RX/TX Radio.