We supply a complete range of Exterior Laser Levels providing confidence and features needed, for any sized job across general construction and exterior levelling.
The new Leica Rugby 800 Series are flexible and work within the Leica iCON (Intelligent Construction) range. Each is protected to IP68 standard and is waterproof and dust proof. The Leica 800 laser levels are built to a very high standard give confidence when used in harsh environments. The Rugby 50 exterior laser is not only the simple to use but fully automatic, rugged, accurate and very affordable.
Other Exterior Laser Levels we supply include single grade laser levels such as the Leica Rugby 320SG, 260SG and 270SG and for duel grade requirements the 280DG and 410/420DG laser levels. Each offers Leica laser level is extremely accurate over extensive distances and makes use of many features which increases productivity.


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