SITML is a closed joint stock limited liability company that was established through a collaboration of many companies that are specialized in industries like; agriculture, industrial, trade, real estate, constructions, and marketing. Our headquarters is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and we have other branches all over the kingdom. SITML is involved in building compounds, malls, and hospitals.

Sheikh Abedlelah M. Kaki

Chairman’s Message

Our Strategy is mainly focused on earning returns that are valuable and sustainable on the long run. Our record is full of achievements and sustained growth that only proves our strategy right, and the firmness of the values that we live by. We believe that there are some factors behind our success; on top of them is our commitment on keeping the highest standards in all of our practices. Our well qualified team enabled us to achieve success by keeping a high quality and a great sense of creativity in every investment we undertake. All of this to keep up with the expectations and ambitions of our clients and all stakeholders. In SITML, we focus on diversifying the industries we invest in to minimize risks and increase possibilities of profitable outcomes. As a company, we look forward to tackle any opportunity and invest in any industry that shows potential. To be located in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia gives us a great motive to look for the right opportunities, the kingdom’s nationwide 2030 vision makes us more committed and determined to play a role in achieving this vision, and to contribute to the economy and society to build a better future.

Chairman’s Message

We aim to be a pioneer in all the industries we operate in, and to provide the best services and solutions, Locally and Internationally. We also aim to play a big role in the building and growing the Saudi economy.

Our Mission

To Create great value in all investments and projects we are involved in, and to contribute to the kingdom’s vision and to serve its location. We will build on our future plans and strategies to shift our services and align it to our country’s vision.

Our Values

Commitment, Transparency, and integrity. These the values we adopt mentally and practically in all of the steps that we take. We made sure that these values are the common ground in everything we do, and every success we achieved.