As a leading supplier of surveying laser accessories we are able to supply a full range of accompanying accessories to complement and enhance your laser instrument. We supply items such as glasses to improve laser visibility, batteries and chargers for safe power supply, remote controls to increase productivity, rod eye detectors for general construction and interior applications, tripods for mounting the laser on, targets and more.

  • Combi Levelling Rod

  • Grade Mount

  • Leica A100 Universal AC Charger

  • Leica A130 Battery Cable

  • Leica A140 Car Adapter Cable

  • Leica A150 – Alkaline Battery Holder for Rugby

  • Leica A170 Solar Panel with Case

  • Leica A200 Wall Bracket

  • Leica A210 Ceiling Grid Target, Magnetic

  • Leica A220 Batter Board Clamp and Adapter


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