Our range of Interior Laser Levels include those specifically created for indorr situations and laser pointers which will project lines or points to millimetre accuracy on surfaces. This increases productivity by leaving the workers hands free to get on with the task. To enhance each of the instruments effectiveness we also supply a selection of accessories.
We also supply a range of Leica Roteo rotating lasers which are easy to use and intuitive. Each Roteo laser level includes different functionality but suited for interior construction. Being hands free the Roteo helps provide freedom when suspending ceilings and erecting walls. Marking out and right angles is simple with the use of a vertical 360° reference plane and plumb which is more accurate and efficient.
The Leica Roteo range of rotating lasers can perform many functions where aligning or levelling is needed. They produce results from walls, ceilings, floors or tripods from both interior and exterior locations.


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