Leica Roteo 35G Interior Rotary Laser with Plumb Beam

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High visibility GREEN laser

The Leica Roteo 35G has all the components and features of the Leica Roteo 35 but with the added benefit of a green laser beam. The green laser increases visibility in bright conditions and also over increased distances. The green laser is four times more visible to the human eye.

As with the Roteo 35 the 35G comes with a complete set of accessories and features which are specifically suited for interior projects. The wall mount bracket provides motorised control of the laser’s height and can be combined with the use of the remote detector or with manual adjustment.

Advantages of the Leica Roteo 35G Laser

  • Green laser beam – four times more visible to the human eye
  • Complete automatic vertical and horizontal laser
  • Height adjustable wall mount bracket
  • Includes strong cage to protect the laser head against drops
  • Improved visibility through the scan mode function

Package includes:

  • Leica Roteo 35G
  • Motorised height adjustable wall mount bracket
  • Remote control (RC350)
  • 9V battery for the unit
  • Alkaline battery holder
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Charger (International)
  • Target plate (Red)
  • Laser glasses (Red)

Ideal for:

  • Building walls and ceilings
    With the aid of the motorised wall mount the 35G Roteo can be move up and down the wall to align drywalls and ceilings quickly and very efficiently.
  • Right angle marking
    The Roteo 35G is a great help with passing a plane through a vertical line by combining a 360° vertical plane and a plumb beam for simplified layout. This ultimately improves accuracy and efficiency with interior work.
  • Alignment of windows and partitions
    The decidedly visible laser beam of the Leica Roteo 35G’s makes the alignment of furniture, fixtures and fittings very easy to do. The detector make sure the laser is easily seen, including over long distances and in adverse light conditions.
  • Roof pitches and stairs
    The Roteo instrument can be positioned manually or with the use of the Leica wall mount at angles between 0° and 90° which allows for work to be done without any issues on roof pitches or stairs.
  • Double floor levelling
    By combining the staff and clamp with the laser detector the raised floor supports can be set to millimetre accuracy making it is a very easy, quick and simple task.
  • Positioning drywall components
    The Leica remote detector and controller for the Roteo 35G is able to find the rotating laser beam quickly and work as a target plate. Audible signals alert the user of the accurate position of the laser beams plane.
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Technical Information:
Range of operation up to 150metres with laser receiver
Accuracy - Self Leveling ± 3millimeres at 30metres
Automatic Laser – Self Leveling Vertical & Horizontal
Range – Self Leveling 4.5°
Speed – Rotating Five settings - Variable
Type of Battery Rechargeable or Alkaline
Life of Battery Up to 40hours with alkaline batteries
Class – Protection IP 54 Splash and Dust Protection


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