Exterior and Interior Laser Levels
At SITML we offer an extensive range of Exterior and Interior Laser Levels, Laser Detectors and Rod Eye’s, Pipe Lasers, Point and Cross Line Lasers, and Tunnel and Plumbing Equipment as well as all the accessories to enhance each instrument further.

The latest Leica Rugby 600 Series is fit, tough and fast and are known for their toughness and suitability for all construction applications. Align level and square quicker and faster than ever before, reducing costly downtime and errors. The Leica Rugby 800 Series are very flexible protected to the high IP68 rating which is military standard waterproof and dust proofness. Built to high standards they give confidence when used in tough working environments. At SITML we also supply single grade laser levels including the Leica Rugby 320SG, 270SG and duel grade lasers the 280DG and 410/420DG. Each laser is very precise over long distances and has many features which increase productivity.

Our Interior Laser Level range includes lasers and pointers which will project lines or points with millimetre accuracy on surfaces. To compliment each instrument we also supply a selection of accessories. Leica Lino Point and Cross Line Lasers are fast, simple to use and professionally align lines or points with precision on to surfaces. The projected lines are clear, bright and easy to see. We also supply Leica Roteo rotating lasers which are very powerful and intuitive. The Roteo Laser marks out and right angles easily with the use of a vertical 360° reference plane.


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