Speedy and conclusive clearance assessments with real-time results

Modular system solution for manual and automatic clearance survey including sophisticated engine for static and dynamic clearance analysis

One software package with scalable functionality (Basic and Plus)
Powerful management of project data including static and dynamic clearance models
Comprehensive and high-resolution data acquisition to detect every potentially critical object
Clearance analysis results in real-time
Powerful evaluation, analysis, reporting and exporting tools optimised for the typical requirements

Measurement system

Scalable measurement system from quick and easy single object point measurement to high-resolution scanning
Data acquisition in relative or absolute mode
Display of relevant clearance information in real-time on measurement screen
System configurations: GRP 3000, GRP 5000, IMS 5000


Management of user-definable static clearance models or integrated dynamic clearance models
Post-processing of high-resolution clearance results for complete point clouds
Clearance map for detailed documentation of clearance encroachments over a complete section of track
Various report and export formats containing profile or point cloud data


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