Complete railway infrastructure data in no time – simple and high performant

The new way of railway infrastructure scanning

  • Well-tried GRP 5000 system enhanced with IMU technology
  • Combined survey of relative and absolute track geometry
  • Comprehensive scan data for clearance analysis and design purposes
  • Highly accurate 3D point cloud of complete infrastructure
  • Unrivalled survey performance up to 4,000 m/h
  • No total station or GNSS signal required for absolute data

Modular system design

  • Measuring trolley consisting of precision sensors for gauge, superelevation and distance as well as ruggedized notebook
  • Laserscanner Amberg Profiler 6012 for acquisition of complete infrastructure
  • AMU 1030 (Amberg Measuring Unit) for unrivalled kinematic measurement precision
  • Modular system upgrading possibilities

Absolute as-built track and infrastructure survey with given 3D control points

  • High performance for short and long track sections – up to 4,000 m/h
  • Absolute 3D control points as transformation references
  • Switching on / off control points for processing depending on quality
  • Unlimited use during day and night – no line of sight requirements

Relative track geometry and infrastructure survey

  • Pure relative survey of track geometry and objects around track
  • Stationing plates as references
  • Measurement and calculation of track parameters like horizontal / vertical versines, curvature / radius, gauge, superelevation and twist
  • Usage of these parameters e.g. for dynamic clearance analysis