The configuration consists of

  • Premium hardware GRP 3000
  • Application specific software Clearance Basic
  • Robust and guaranteed precision thanks to GRP Fidelity
  • First-class application support

Amberg Clearance
Modular system solution for automatic clearance surveying completed by typical railway analyses and documentation.

Project data management

  • Central database for input, visualisation and management of clearance envelopes, clearance models, track project data including route data chronology, control points and measuring epochs.
  • Flexible and user friendly clearance envelope editor.
  • Provision of all clearance specifications for subsequent surveying tasks and evaluations.


  • Profile measurements in 2D clearance mode or 3D coordinate mode with combined capturing of all relevant track geometry data (stationing, gauge, superelevation, 3D track coordinates (with TPS, GPS only)).
  • Profile data collection:
  • – Either with manual object point targeting.
  • – Or automatic profile measurement with definable point density on the object surface.
  • Display of profile distances between measured object and selected theoretical clearance envelope in real-time directly on site.


  • Complete surveyed data management including automatic incorporation of subsequent re-measurements.
  • Fully automatic evaluation by comparing clearance surveys with a predefined clearance model for given section – either relative to the current track position or (for 3D data) in terms of a predefined, theoretical track position.
  • Comprehensive, automatic reporting.
  • – Profile plot including clearance distances.
  • – Coordinate list with additional gauging information.
  • Established interfaces to third party clearance and design applications like DXF, ASCII, SC0 (ClearRoute), LUE (Lira).