Professional automatic optical levels (also known as dumpy levels) are built for the construction site and general survey tasks. They are quickly set up, precise and will top every comparison of price to performance ratio. They cover all areas from general construction applications through to the precision leveling for deformation studies and industrial measuring tasks. The series of Automatic Levels we have available include the entry level Prexiso, the Leica NA300 ideal for daily levelling tasks, the Leica NA500 suited for the building and construction site and the Leica NA700 the toughest optical levels available. Scroll down for more information and comparison tables.

  • Leica NA720 and FS23 Tripod

  • Leica NA720 Automatic Level

  • Leica NA724 Automatic Level

  • Leica NA728 Automatic Level

  • Leica NA730 Automatic Level

  • Leica NA730 plus Automatic Level


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