• V&P Arrow Height Gauge PFIA

    Multipurpose Arrow Height Gauge PFIA 1 is a simple and proven gauge for determining arrow heights using a string as a chord. The measuring device is particularly suitable for measuring and checking the arrow heights during the straightening process.
  • V&P MessReg CLS

    Digital track position measuring system

    MessReg CLS impresses with its digital track position measurement based on a genuine 10m string. This chord length guarantees very accurate and reliable measurement data. The measurement result is thus particularly true to the track reality and is less the result of pure data extrapolation (as with instruments with short tendons).

    MessReg CLS can be used very variably. The measuring tendon made of torsion-resistant carbon is modularly constructed from 5 segments á 2 m. In this way, besides the typical 6: 4 division, the measuring system can also be operated with other chord lengths and splits. Even the use without a string (then as a compact, wheeled track and cross height meter) is possible.

    The measuring system automatically and continuously records all relevant track position parameters. These are displayed both graphically and numerically in real time and stored. In addition, the user can enter remarks on the track condition at any time and record them with exact position.

    Thanks to its modular device design, MessReg CLS can be assembled / disassembled within a few minutes. Basically, just as for the measuring operation, a single person is sufficient.

  • V&P MUL

    Measuring device for lower clearance gauge MUL is based on a gauge. It serves to check the control clearance, for example at bridges, platform edges or frost damage at level crossings.
  • V&P SA 75

    Track distance measuring device The SA 75 is used primarily for new track construction and repair work. It is used for distance measurement between two tracks, as well as for distance and height measurement between track and fixed point (eg overhead line mast) .
  • V&P VIG 1300

    Sighting and leveling device Regardless of leveling , longitudinal or track height determination, the VIG 1300 masters all tasks with the familiar precision and reliability of a Vogel & Plötscher measuring device. The technology and functionality of this measuring device have been continuously developed and optimally adapted to the requirements of the users.
  • V&P Wuppertal method

    Arrow height measuring slats "Wuppertal method" The measuring slat set consists of 2 end slats (± 200 mm) and a middle slat with scale (± 700 mm). Ede Endlatte has a displaceable tab, with which a desired value is set at consider endpoint. The tendon can then be inserted into the notch provided for this purpose. The measuring slats are made of aluminum T-profile and equipped with scratch-resistant scales of anodized pressure.