V&P MessReg CLS

Digital track position measuring system

MessReg CLS impresses with its digital track position measurement based on a genuine 10m string. This chord length guarantees very accurate and reliable measurement data. The measurement result is thus particularly true to the track reality and is less the result of pure data extrapolation (as with instruments with short tendons).

MessReg CLS can be used very variably. The measuring tendon made of torsion-resistant carbon is modularly constructed from 5 segments á 2 m. In this way, besides the typical 6: 4 division, the measuring system can also be operated with other chord lengths and splits. Even the use without a string (then as a compact, wheeled track and cross height meter) is possible.

The measuring system automatically and continuously records all relevant track position parameters. These are displayed both graphically and numerically in real time and stored. In addition, the user can enter remarks on the track condition at any time and record them with exact position.

Thanks to its modular device design, MessReg CLS can be assembled / disassembled within a few minutes. Basically, just as for the measuring operation, a single person is sufficient.



Continuous, digital measurement
(automatic data acquisition every 2 or 250 mm)
Display of track position parameters in real time
Variable carbon tendon up to max. 10 m in length
(in symmetrical or asymmetrical pitch
Flexible use
Designed for 3 gauges (1000/1067/1435 mm)
Modular device design
(easy transport and setup) 
Outdoor notebook “MPC” with touch screen


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