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Today, the recording of profile measurement data is integrated directly into the process of tunnel construction as standard procedure for all tunneling projects. The main requirements for profile measurement include easy operation of the instruments by the surveyor or the tunnel team and simple, relevant analysis functions. After the profile data has been recorded in the tunnel, they need to be managed and refined. Amberg Control transforms your surveying data into simple, meaningful and relevant reports – regardless of the instrument used for data collection.
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Amberg Control – Profit from profile measurement

It has never been easier to transform tunnel measurements into reports. The Amberg Control office software is able to transform the measurements from total stations into reports tailored to meet your needs. A seamless workflow is guaranteed by using Amberg Navigator or Amberg Applications for making the measurements. This ensures trouble-free data transfer of measurements from the tunnel into the office, but also vice versa (e.g. for layer thickness analysis).

Tunnel product portfolio

Amberg Control complements the Amberg Tunnel product portfolio ideally and guarantees trouble-free exchange of data with existing Amberg products.

Why Amberg Control?

  • The software package is tailored to your needs in terms of profile analysis
  • Quick results for surveying and frequently repeated tasks
  • Full 3D calculations also support complex projects such as as underground power station construction
  • Flexible report generation for project-specific requirements

Operative benefits for the client

  • Fully integrated work procedure and data flow with Amberg Navigator and Amberg Applications
  • Independent from the instrument thanks to a flexible interface and the support of many standard import formats
  • Use of the design data for numerous other Amberg applictions
  • Generation of reports in the same style as with TMS ProFit, for a software changeover during a currently running project

Economic benefits for the client

  • The use of Amberg Control reduces the number of software packages involved in the work procedure, which brings cost savings for licenses and a reduction in the amount of training that is required.
  • The simplified data flow significantly reduces the effort and processing time required between the measurement and the delivery to the client.


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