Amberg Rail Slab Track GRP 1000

The configuration consists of

  • Premium hardware GRP 1000
  • Application specific software Slab Track Plus
  • Robust and guaranteed precision thanks to GRP Fidelity
  • First-class application support
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Amberg Slab Track

394.3 km/h? No problem! Amberg Slab Track is the integrated surveying solution, optimised for the typical requirements during
construction, monitoring and maintenance of slab track projects.

Project data management

  • Central database for input, visualisation and management of all track project data – including route data chronology, control points, and survey and construction progress.
  • Supports all common geometry element types for track axis, gradients, chainage axis, superelevation range, gauge range including gauge enlargement at high-speed points (e.g. FAKOP®).
  • Provision of all track project data for subsequent surveying tasks and evaluations.


  • Determination of current track position during construction together with precision total station.
  • Display of relative deviations (direction and height) to design in real-time – Data update frequency up to 3 times per second.
  • Amberg Compensation Method – Real-time compensation of control point inaccuracies – resulting in improved track geometry quality already during construction.


  • Automatic survey data processing and evaluation – including automatic linking of subsequently surveyed track sections.
  • Complete surveyed data management including automatic incorporation of subsequent re-measurements.
  • Comprehensive analysis and documentation of inner and outer track geometry quality.
  • Interactive creation of correction lists supported with real-time simulations about the resulting final track position.


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