Analogue INTRIMIK models for through holes

– Only micrometer in the world that adheres to the Abbe Principle of Alignment.
– Self-centring and self-aligning guaranteed by 3-line contact.
– No influence of temperature variation on the measurement.


• INTRIMIK’s measuring arms move at right angles to the spindle.
• Analog reading, with graduations as shown in the table.
• Instruments in the range .275″ to 4.00″ have hardened steel measuring points (770 HV).
• Instruments in the range 4.00″ to 12.00″ have tungsten carbide inserts in the measuring points (1300 HV).

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Standard DIN 863 T4 (C1) / NF E 11-099
Included in delivery - Measuring report - Declaration of conformity


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