Comparison vernier models with integrated indicator

Feature a mobile anvil along with a built-in dial indicator – Ideal for comparative measurements on small part series – Nominal dimension is set on the micrometer while deviations are read on the dial indicator – Retractable anvil by means of a push-button – Rotating dial for fine adjustment, also with adjustable tolerance markers.

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Measuring force 4,5 ÷ 5,5 N
Standard DIN 863 T1
Maximum permissible errors Micrometer: 2 µm Indicator: 1 µm
Resolution 0.0001 in
Material Hardmetal
Dial - Measuring range: ± 0.005 in - Resolution: 0.00005 in
Thread pitch 0.025 in
Measuring face(s) Ø 0.25 in, or Ø 0.08 in on 0.2 in length for model with pointed inserts



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