DataCenter, DataCenter IP

Create test reports and inspection plans easily with the DataCenter and DataCenter IP software packages. Using the DataCenter you can easily transfer the measured values from the measurement device onto the PC, where they can be analyzed and archived. The high-performance software also supports you in creating individual templates for test reports. Its modular construction enables the use of all analytical methods and statistical functions in test reports – even without technical know-how. Measured values are automatically inserted into the report and evaluated.


Conveniently create inspection strategies and test instructions for the portable DUALSCOPE FMP100 and FMP150 coating thickness gauges using the DataCenter IP Inspection Plan Software on a PC. Transfer your inspection strategies onto the measurement device via a USB interface. The measurement instructions are then presented directly on the device’s display, guiding the user step-by-step through the measurement task. In this way you can ensure, for example, uniform testing conditions for the quality assurance of coated surfaces, regardless of user.


  • Provided at no additional cost with each tactile measurement instrument, DataCenter is high performance software for the automatic analysis, presentation and archiving of measured values
  • With inspection plans, even untrained users can quickly familiarize themselves with standards-compliant measurement
  • Automatic analysis saves times and prevents mistakes, as measured values no longer have to be noted down and transferred manually
  • DataCenter IP Inspection Plan Software available as an option for portable DUALSCOPE FMP100 and FMP150 coating thickness measurement instruments: create specific inspection plans to ensure that measurement processes are correctly executed in production


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