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Dial caliper with shockproof mechanism made from the same components used in the manufacture of swiss watches.The world’s first and still the finest.

The DIAL-CAL dial caliper is the favorite instrument of many professionals working in mechanics, as it is an ideal tool for the workshop.

The dial integrated into a robust metal housing enables a quick and clear reading.

All DIAL-CAL calipers use the original shockproof technology developed and patented in 1970 by TESA, pioneer of this technology.

Thanks to the shockproof system inserted between the mobile measuring element and the mechanism of the dial pointer, this patent guarantees reliable measurements even in case of a shock to the instrument.

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Standard DIN 862 (1AR)
Maximum permissible errors ≤100 mm: 20 µm >100 mm: 30 µm
Material Hardened stainless steel
Dial Ø 1.2 in, rotating dial, with lock
Particular characteristic - Slider with locking screw - Patented chockproof design
Included in delivery - Measuring report - Declaration of conformity


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