Leica DST360 DISTO Adaptor + Tripod

Transform your X-series into a professional measurement station

Point to Point Measuring
The DST 360 transforms your handheld DISTO™ X3 and X4 into a real measurement station, allowing you to accurately measure distances between any two points from one position.

3D Point Measurement
Your DISTO™ X3 or X4 in combination with the DST 360 and the DISTO™ Plan app allow you to measure 3 dimensional points. X, Y and Z coordinates are recorded and can be exported into your CAD solution.

Metal Design
The Leica DST 360 is made entirely out of metal. This ensures robustness and precise measurement results.

Intelligent Adapter
Technologies used in the adapter extend the measurement possibilities of your DISTO™ X3 and X4. Powered by your DISTO™, the DST 360 exchanges measurement data with your X3 and X4. This allows for horizontal and vertical angle measurements.

Explosion drawing of Leica DST 360 showing individual parts
Man using Leica DISTO X4 with the DST 360 adapter to target distant points outdoors

Precise Targeting
Fine adjustment on the Leica DST 360 allow you to accurately aim at distant measurement points in seconds.

Job Site Ready
The Leica DST 360 comes with a compact but sturdy tripod TRI 120. Both are stored in a very robust case protected to IP 67 standards with space for your Leica DISTO™ X3 or X4.

Product includes

  • Leica DST 360
  • Tripod TRI 120
  • Rugged case with IP67
  • Quickstart for DST 360 and TRI 120

Disto not included

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