Leica NAK2 Automatic Level

The NAK2 automatic level is the flagship optical level product from Leica Geosystems. Designed by leading surveyors and developed by highly skilled engineers with a great deal of experience in knowing what an instrument must achieve in the field. Created for all types of surveying task. the NAK2 is economical and productive for routine levelling task on building sites, for geodetic control at all levels of accuracy, and in engineering projects.

Features of the NAK2

  • Suited for levelling of all orders and types of accuracy
  • Accurate settlement and levelling determinations
  • Routine heighting for road, railway, pipeline, and tunnel construction
  • Control measurements and setting-out work on site
  • High accuracy area levelling
  • K-version on flat terrain provides Tacheometric levelling by bringing together stadia and angular measurements with height readings
  • Bridge monitoring and deformation measurement


The NAK2 provides added angle measurement.

The model NAK2 has an internal glass circle which is read via a scale microscope and which can be set to any value by turning the rim around the base of the instrument. Tacheometric levelling is also available with the K-version on fl at terrain by combining stadia and angular measurements with height readings.

Generally, the NAK2 is able to set up on any Leica tripod. In most cases we recommend the heavy-duty Leica GST20 Wooden Tripod. For precise levelling the GST40 Wooden Tripod is suitable due to its extreme rigidity.

The durable and tough NAK2 can be used in varying weather conditions and very reliable when used in harsh working conditions such as the building site. The pendulum compensator is protected against shocks and the vibration damping mechanism is highly effective.

Set up is quick and easy with the circular level only needing to be centred approximately and bring the compensator into its working range. The Pentaprism provides a positive bubble which is monitored down the eyepiece.

The high quality optics within the telescope provides bright, high contrast images which can be focussed on quickly.

For ease of use and the press of one button, the instantaneous check facility give complete confidence. Controls are well designed and arranged for added convenience and the endless horizontal drive enables rapid fine pointing.

Accessories including the parallel-plate, laser eyepiece, increase the potential use of this impressive levelling instrument.

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Magnification 32x 32x
Gas Filled Telescope Yes Yes
Angle Measurement 360° 360°
Multiplication factor/additive constant 100/0 100/0
Accuracy standard deviation per km double run up to 0.7 mm up to 0.7 mm
Dust/water IP53 IP53
Working temperature -20°C
Storage temperature -40°C
Dimensions 25x25x-
Weight 2.4kg 2.4kg


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