Leica Proscan

Increase the productivity of your laser scanning by using this mobile reality capture platform

With Leica ProScan you can scan indoors and outdoors without the need to register your scans. This system offers maximum flexibility and can be connected to a variety of Leica laser scanners and TPS systems – increasing the productivity of your 3D capturing tasks and Leica equipment.

By utilising the ProScan platform, your traditional terrestrial laser scanner will turn into a kinematic 3D measurement system.

  • Significantly reduces your data capturing time on site
  • Intuitive to handle handling and easy to use
  • Straight forward computation of point clouds
  • Fully transportable and flexible
  • Leverage your existing TPS systems

The ProScan trolley was specifically developed for kinematic data capturing workflows. During the initialisation phase (alignment) it serves as a base station. In the data capturing phase it becomes a convenient measuring platform giving you freedom to move quickly and freely.

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Optimal for indoor and outdoor applications
The fully integrated GNSS module allows you to move freely and provides a direct geo-referencing for all the points in the resulting point cloud. For indoor scanning you can mark points on a straight line and simply follow the line. The system automatically registers the points utilising tracking technology.

The ultimate kinematic scanning experience
Get your TPS to follows the platform wherever you go so that you can fully concentrate on the object to be scanned – indoor, outdoor, tunnels – you name it. Tracking the platform with TPS guarantees unconstraint moving, highest flexibility and the best accuracy possible thanks to the innovative tracking.


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