Leica Viva GS10 GNSS Receiver

The new Viva GS10 makes up part of the new professional range of GNSS solutions. As a direct replacement for the superceeded GX1230 the GS10 offers all the flexibility of a backpack solution with all the functionality of the new Viva operating system. The GS10 is the most versatile of the new Viva range and can be configured to be used in many different formats. Often used as a reference station, back pack rover or in conjunction with external devices i.e. mobile mounted or with an echosounder for hydrographic work.

Advantages of the Leica Viva GNSS Solution:

Proven GNSS technology provided.

Leica GS10 has developed over years with by utilising the knowledge and experience gained and delivering the expectations required with Leica GNSS including reliability and accuracy.

  • SmartCheck provides Real Time Kinematic data-processing to guarantee accurate and precise results
  • SmartTrack for GNSS satallite constellation tracking
  • SmartRTK – delivering reliable and consistent results on all networks
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Designed and suited for all surveying tasks

  • Convertible communication devices with SIM cards for field base stations and RTK rovers.
  • Upgrade the sensor at any time to add extra functionality when needed.

Built for the harsh working conditions, the GS10 is suited for tough environments.

  • Protected to IP67 standards against dust
  • Built for temperatures -40°C to +65°C


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