Probes for Tactile Gauges

In order to achieve the most accurate result possible, a measurement probe must possess certain special properties for each application. Choosing the right probe makes all the difference to the quality of the measurement results, as it transmits the actual measurement signal. Based on decades of experience in many sectors, Fischer offers a wide-ranging portfolio of high quality probes for tactile measurement technology, for both coating thickness measurement and material testing.



With Fischer probes you can, for example, determine changes such as heat damage or material fatigue by means of conductivity measurement, or ascertain the ferrite content of steel quickly and non-destructively. Should you not find the right probe in our product portfolio, simply get in touch. We are always happy to develop a customized solution for you.


  • Wear-resistant probe tip ensures long service life
  • Spring-loaded system ensures virtually constant contact pressure, even during manual measurement
  • Individual factory calibration runs through each probe – ultimate precision, guaranteed
  • A wide choice of high quality measurement probes with different properties and geometries
  • Tailor-made probes developed to customer requirements


  • Measurement range from a few nanometers to several millimeters
  • Non-magnetic coatings on magnetic substrates
  • Non-magnetic and non-conductive coatings on electrically conductive, non-magnetic substrates
  • Electrically conductive coatings on any kind of substrate
  • Magnetizable coatings on non-magnetizable, conductive substrates
  • Conductivity measurement of non-ferrite materials, analysis of material properties such as micro-structure and detection of material alterations such as heat damage or fatigue
  • Testing of ferrite and martensite content on austenitic steels and duplex steels


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