Vernier depth micrometers

Micrometer Depth Gages are available in both inch and metric models. Both feature a hardened, precision base. Bases are available in lengths of 2.5″ / 63.5 mm and 4″ / 100 mm to satisfy a wide range of measuring applications. Base width is 1/2″.

All micrometer depth gages feature a satin-chrome finish for glare-free reading and a friction thimble for uniform measurements. All models on this page are supplied complete in a fitted mahogany case.

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Standard DIN 863 T2 / NF E 11-097
Maximum permissible errors 3 µm for the measuring element
Resolution 0.0001 in
Material Measuring rods with hardened steel ends
Thread pitch 0.02 in
Measuring face(s) 0.157 in


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