Analogue INTALOMETER 531 sets

Made to check through holes, blind bores and short centring shoulders. All models covering the application range up to 4 in have sloped bolts extending beyond the front face of the measuring head.

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Standard DIN 863 T4 (Ø10 ÷ Ø100 mm)
Maximum permissible errors - Ø5 ÷ 40 [mm]: 3 µm - Ø40 ÷ 100 [mm]: 4 µm - Ø100 ÷ 200 [mm]: 5 µm
Resolution - Ø5 ÷ 100 [mm]: 0,002 mm - Ø100 ÷ 200 [mm]: 0,01 mm
Included in delivery - Measuring report - Declaration of conformity


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