BETASCOPE offers the broadest variety of material combinations of all the FISCHER measurement instruments. Through the deployment of beta radiation (electrons), BETASCOPE does not need to rely on the magnetic or electrical properties of the sample for coating thickness measurement. As a result, it is possible to measure the thickness of coatings of any type of layer on any type of substrate, so long as there is a difference of at least 5 atomic numbers between coating and substrate materials. As a plug-in module for the universal measurement system MMS PC2, BETASCOPE can be combined with many other measurement techniques, while simultaneously profiting from the advantages of MMS PC2.



  • Non-destructive measurement by means of the beta backscatter method
  • Measures virtually any combination of coating and substrate
  • Ready to measure without any special preparation; the measurement itself takes just seconds
  • No chemicals or consumable materials needed for the measurement
  • Measurement according to DIN EN ISO 3543 and ASTM B567a
  • Implemented as a plug-in module for the universal measurement system MMS PC2
  • Numerous ancillary options available

Areas of application:

  • Nanocoatings
  • Solar cell coatings
  • Single layers in electroplating
  • Organic paint coatings on any kind of substrate
  • Anti-corrosion coatings such as oil in the metal producing and processing industry
  • Foils, textiles, fabrics and other organic materials


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