PC-DMIS CAD++ supports the latest technologies and the most demanding applications. Measurement technology is rapidly changing – new devices, applications and techniques are constantly affecting how manufacturers measure and evaluate their parts. Additionally, some industries have their own unique requirements defining what types of features they measure, how they measure them and how they evaluate them.

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PC-DMIS CAD++ handles difficult scanning tasks and supports sophisticated scanning devices. Emerging technologies in probing and servo wrists are changing the way you can measure parts. Not long ago,it was hard enough to collect and evaluate the results of a few touches on a feature. Now possible to scan that same feature and generate tens of thousands of points giving a much better representation of what it actually looks like.

To do that software must adapt by being able to calibrate the probing system, control its motion and handle large amounts of data. PC-DMIS CAD++ does it all. By working closely with hardware manufacturers and making good use of its software engineering resources, PC-DMIS CAD++ seamlessly integrates support for a wide range of scanning devices and techniques. It also keeps pace with the technology to support you as your requirements evolve.

PC-DMIS CAD++ also brings non-contact sensors into the CMM mainstream. Lasers, cameras and similar devices are beginning to revolutionize the way are measured and results are evaluated. Where high speed scanning generates tens of thousands of points, non-contact probes generate points in the millions. PC-DMIS CAD++ lets you interface to laser scanning probes and optical devices to evaluate the results of your scans.

Another feature is the ability of PC-DMIS CAD++ to make short work of complex sheet metal measurements. Makers of sheet metal parts, in particular automotive manufacturers,face a unique set of measurement requirements. Their parts are hard to measure and they have to deal with esoteric types of features and dimensions. To meet these challenges, the software includes a comprehensive library of sheet metal specific routines. Measuring and reporting on features like square slots and corner points is a simple matter of filling out a form. PC-DMIS CAD++ also has the ability to find required features when they’re not exactly where they’re supposed to be (a common issue in sheet metal inspections).

PC-DMIS CAD++ lets you use manual CMMs in some of the most demanding applications even though they may be mechanically simpler than DCC machines. Often it’s thought that their capabilities are limited, but many of these limitations are not due to the machines but rather the software. With PC-DMIS CAD++, the software enhances the hardware instead of limiting it.


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